Welcome to HeaveN-WoW 2.4.3 Fun PvP Server. We have:

>> 2 Malls (Horde & Alliance)

>> Free S4 and T6

>> PvP Arena

>> Horde Mall Portal

>> Alliance Mall Portal



>> Do not give your account and password to anyone, HeaveN-WoW is not responsible for your account.

>> Do not repeat your selves because you might flood the server. [DON’T SPAM !]

>> Do not use launcher. exe because the game will automatically update and you’ll not be able to play on HeaveN-WoW anymore.


How to connect to the server ?


First of all, if you don’t have the game, buy or download Pre - TBC WoW [Classic WoW]. Then update until you get the last version of Classic WoW. After this you have to buy/download TBC. When it’s done just update till version 2.4.3 [Update it’s done by double-clicking the launcher.]

If you have the game all you have to do it’s to change the realmlist.

Go to your WoW Directory and look for realmlist.wtf. Double-click it and delete all then write:

set realmlist heaven-wow.zapto.org


Thanks Staff HeavenWoW !


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